We respond to 3 types of consulting missions : integrations, business interventions and outsourcing.

Integrations are missions based on softwares we suggest : QPR, QlikView ou A2DMS (see on the right part of the window). These integrations solutions have all in common the following elements :

Consulting with business approach and suggestions.


Softwares, allowing innovation, upgrade and performance.


Training to business aspect based on the tools.


People with our ALCADE Management professionals.

Business interventions are missions where our client requires our skills on a project or at an internal level. IS and steering problematics often allow to improve efficiency on domains where requirements and needs progress. We really want to accompagny the client by providing suggestions.
Outsourcing document management through mixed teams ALCADE Management France/Belgium and ALCADE Management Morocco. Management teams ALCADE France/Belgium involved in coordination with the client and the rest of the backoffice being done by teams ALCADE Management Morocco.


Recent missions

Major ISO certification

This mission included process analyze and cartography with QPR software (ProcessGuide and Scorecard). morevover, it puts forward some project management skills required to accomplish this considerable

Data structure for strategic steering

This missions included data analyze and homogenization.The final solution consisted in establishing some templates, procedures and to allow to use  the related information l'agrégation de l'information in a specific dashboard on QlikView.

Department steering system
This mission answered to a need of Doc Control activity visibility and evaluation. We realized a dashboard containing both performance indicators and charge forecast thanks to QlikView features.

Bid management and follow-up system improvement
This mission included process optimization and brought to a solution of data structuring to formalise commercial offers management that can be now exploited.